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Accountant in Granite City, IL at Prairie Farms Dairy

Date Posted: 3/23/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description


 The primary function of the facility Accountant is to coordinate all functions of accounting and administration to insure maximum profits and efficiencies with customer service and billing.   The main duties include preparing and auditing monthly reports for product variances and loss, sales volumes and profitability, and prepare daily/weekly/monthly reports for various departments and reporting agencies.


The general functions will include and not limited to the following responsibilities: 

Analyze Profit And Loss Statement to review for areas of concern that need further attention and detailed analysis.

Review and approve vendor invoices for all packaging and ingredients used in the manufacturing process.  Insure that current costs are in place with each month’s price change.

Compile, examine and analyze production and sales reports to determine accuracy.

Audit and revise daily Mix Batch Sheets to provide the amounts used to manufacture milk and milk products and provide necessary information for end-of-month closing.

Prepare numerous spreadsheets for management for comparison of variations from last year.  These include 1) end-of-month workups on inventories and variances of Milk and Cream, Condensed Skim, and packaging and ingredients for input into the General Ledger, 2) weekly payroll hours and plant production volumes and productivity with comparison to last year, 3) review weekly CME Butter Market with 4 week averages and monthly weighted costs to be used in pricing, 4) review weekly USDA National Dairy Products Sales Reports to be current on weekly markets for the 4 items that contribute to the milk price to be current on the forecast of the variances between announced and actual prices and future price changes.

Prepare spreadsheets for completion of the USDA Federal Milk Marketing Report of Receipts and Utilization including all accountabilities and conversions of milk products into the proper Class of Utilization and Marketing Zone.  Maintain proper reports and miscellaneous documentation necessary for the quarterly audit completed by the USDA.

Calculate and disseminate all Mix pricing information to customers and appropriate personnel monthly including 20 month forecast for McDonald’s, next month’s Dairy Queen, PFD, St. Peters and costs to be used to for Corporate to determine the monthly Transfer Price.

Maintain mix formula calculation program (Production Wizard) used in production to calculate and print individual Batch Sheets by product to assist in consistent product formulation with each production run and insure that actual production formulas are used for pricing.

Maintain 12 month history on ingredients and packaging items used to provide Production Coordinator with projections and order status on all items showing run-out dates and necessary order dates.

Other duties as requested by management.

Job Requirements

Qualifications/Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to work in an environment where sitting is required at 90% of the day with occasional lifting of items weighing up 15 pounds.
  • Ability to operate personal computer to include both Basic and Intermediate Excel software skill sets.
  • Basic Excel Skills Required:
    • Create a New Workbook:
      • Create a new blank workbook
      • Save a workbook with a filename
      • Save as the workbook with another format
    • Enter Cell Values and Labels:
      • Enter cell value
      • Enter a cell value with Autofil
      • Edit, Clear, Copy cell contents
      • Insert and Delete cell contents
      • Find and Replace cell contents
      • Use Autocorrect to correct cell contents
    • Modify a Worksheet:
      • Move and Copy multiple cells
      • Move and Copy multiple formulas
      • Specify and Use ranges
    • Use Formulas:
      • Enter a formula in a cell
      • Edit a formula
      • Use an absolute cell reference
      • Use a mixed absolute and relative cell reference
      • Name a cell or range
      • Correct a calculation or formula error
    • Use a Function:
      • Enter a function
      • Use the AUTOSUM function
      • Use the COUNT, MAX, MIN, Average functions
    • Modify Page Layout:
      • Format numbers and text
      • Format rows and columns
      • Use Format Painter and Auto Format
      • Use Sparkline formatting in a worksheet
    • Printing and Publishing Documents:
      • Prepare worksheet for printing
      • Preview using Page Layout view
      • Print selections, multiple copies
      • Select printer and print options
      • Publish a worksheet by email
      • Save a worksheet as a PDF file
    • Create a Chart:
      • Create a simple chart from worksheet data
      • Customize a chart type
      • Edit chart titles


  • Intermediate Excel Skills Required
    • Maintain a Large Worksheet:
      • Use Zoom to narrow focus
      • Freeze/unfreeze headings
      • Use date in a formula
    • Work with Multiple Worksheets:
      • Navigate among sheets in a workbook
      • Open, arrange multiple windows in a worksheet
      • View two worksheets side by side
      • Move or copy a worksheet to another workbook
      • Create a link between two workbooks
    • Work with Data List:
      • Sort records on single and multiple fields
      • Use Autofilter to hide records
      • Create a custom filter for a list
      • Delete a comment form a document
    • Document and Audit Worksheet:
      • Add, review, edit and print comments
    • Printing Options:
      • Specify margins, orientation, etc. on Page Setup
      • Preview page breaks
      • Ability to operate a 10 key calculator


  • High school diploma of G.E.D. equivalent
  • College Degree Accounting or Finance Preferred or related work experience
  • Demonstrated ability in computer data entry.
  • Demonstrated mathematical aptitude.